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RICORDI CHE FLUTTUANO SULL'OCEANO («Memories floating on the ocean») includes a series of works created over fourteen years, from 2009 to 2023, which recount the artist's period of intense experience. His landscapes are intimate places of profound connection with one's affections where memories and fantasies converge and aggregate, returning interior scenarios full of melancholy and, at the same time, of hope that cross time and space. Emi Harukusa uses the traditional technique of Japanese painting and ukiyo-e to create delicate panoramas, pervaded by a fluid ether that combines everyday elements with fantastic motifs.


« This exhibition brings together works that I made over the course of fourteen years, from 2009 to 2023, trave- ling back and forth on the sea. Through them I recon- struct the landscapes I encounter, always creating new ones that return a different vision from the perceivable one. 

During this period I have had several experiences that have influenced my creative process. Twenty-one years ago my mother was struck by a serious illness and she passed away shortly after. The impact of suddenly losing your daily life. There is no longer my mother in the landscape where she was alive just a week ago. However, I always feel her close. That's how I started trying to paint landscapes that seem to connect space and time, where goldfish and jellyfish swim freely. 

During my stay in New York and Arles for personal exhibitions, I found myself in front of grandiose landscapes, which changed my perception of space. Seven years ago, during an internship at a design and architecture studio, I went to Milan and it seemed that urban design and architecture had a direct impact on the lives of the inhabitants. I find it fascinating how people live inside projects (designs) created by others. 

Six years ago, I returned to Japan after getting pregnant and giving birth to my son. This was an experience that had a significant impact on my life and my art. The series of acrylic paintings with plants as the subject expresses the feeling of growing life inside me, a unique feeling of that moment. 

Currently, as I watch my son grow up and look at the world and life around him, I explore landscapes. This continuous transformation seems to me like a memory floating on the ocean ». 

~ Emi Harukusa, 2023


Emi Harukusa's solo exhibition

07 - 29.07.2023


Friday 7 July, 5 pm

live performance 6 pm

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