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당신은 벌레처럼 아름다워요


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The experimental video YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AS A BUG fascinatingly explores the beauty of insects, portraying them as they appear to be writing love letters. Through this representation, the artist introduces a new perspective on the word "bug", traditionally associated with negative connotations in society, transforming it into a symbol of beauty and connection.

The film invites reflection on the meditative beauty of insects and their ability to connect with humans, opening new avenues of mutual understanding. It is also an exhortation to overcome superficial perceptions of degradation and disconnection, encouraging a deeper understanding of oneself and other living beings.

In her recent multimedia work YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AS A BUG, ​​Mina Lee explores the microcosm of insects, revealing a fascinating and often overlooked perspective. The video captures the essence of romance through an imaginary conversation with and between these creatures, evoking Shakespeare's famous story of Romeo and Juliet. The reincarnation of the two lovers as insects who reunite in a new life transmits a powerful message of resilience and continuity of the loving feeling, which is renewed and regenerated in a new form through the perpetual cycle of nature. These little beings emerge as protagonists in a timeless narrative, presenting a romantic vision of the natural world and celebrating the interconnectedness of species on Earth.

The artist reflects on the negative connotations associated with the word "bug" and its multiple declinations in the human social context, and recognizing the beauty and complexity of these creatures invites viewers to reevaluate their use of this term, adopting a more empathetic and inclusive point of view.

The video, shot between Italy and Korea, is part of a larger project which constitutes a reflection on communication between different species and on the evolution of language. In an attempt to establish a dialogue with different insects, the artist tries to overcome her own linguistic boundaries, expanding her understanding and awareness of the existence of other living beings. In this process of personal enrichment and search for connection with the surrounding world, Lee's multimedia work constitutes a stimulus to contemplate our relationship with Planet Earth.

~ Lisangela Perigozzo, 2023

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AS A BUG / 당신은 벌레처럼 아름다워요

showing of Mina Lee's experimental video (00:23:42)

11 - 18.05.2024


sabato 11 maggio, h 17

La mostra è visibile presso LuogoArteContemporanea su appuntamento.

Ingresso gratuito.

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