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LuogoArteContemporanea is a new exhibition space born in 2023 in Verona. It is located at n°43 of via Carducci, in an urban context in which traditional commercial activities have gradually been replaced by new initiatives of a creative and cultural nature. LuogoArteContemporanea is mainly dedicated to young artists who express themselves with different languages: painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, photography, performance and video. For them, Luogo aspires to become not only a physical space for the exhibition of works, but also and above all a larger immaterial space, in which to express the creative potential and philosophical approaches to the work of art and the creation process artistic. The promoter of the initiative is Daniela Alastra, an artist resident in Verona. Trained at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, she carried out her artistic research in Milan, Vercelli and Verona and today works in her atelier located in Veronetta. The logo features characters in Japanese, recalling the peculiar intellectual affinity towards oriental culture, sensitivity and creativity, which the space aspires to disseminate and spread.

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