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Tao Han | Ph Credits Lisangela Perigozzo

Tao Han (Jilin, China 1993) lives and works in Milan. He studied painting at the Minzu University of China (Beijing, China) until 2014 and, subsequently, he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence in 2016 and at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan in 2019 with Ignazio Gadaleta. In 2018 he signed the contract with HUA Gallery in London. Since 2018 he has exhibited in group and personal exhibitions, and in 2022 he participa- ted in the first edition of the Todi Biennale. He has recently carried out projects such as NULL-TOPIA and DRIFTING AMONG THE WILDFLOWERS, respectively in Turin (Paratissima) and Verona (Artfarm Pilastro), as well as having held a solo exhibition at Lo spazio bianco in Milan in 2022. His current work consists of a combination of painting, performance and installation. 

Influenced by Western and Eastern philosophies, Tao Han's work is imbued with a Dionysian spirit and a Laotian sense of harmony. The affinity between Eastern and Western civilizations and religions allows him to identify a conceptual path in which painting becomes a means to build a new relationship between the present and tradition. His artistic practice is inspired by the great classical Chinese masters such as Guo Xi, Fan Kuan and Huang Gongwang, as well as Western artists such as Rembrandt and Rothko. In encoding and decoding its primitive forms, Tao also pays homage to contemporary artists such as Gu Wenda and Xu Bing. 



2022 Abandoned Landscapes - Galleria Lo Spazio Bianco, Milan, Italy.

2018 TAO - Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze, Florence, Italy.


2022 winner of "Show and Tell - Pensa, Crea, Mostra"- Arte Padova, Padua, Italy.

2022 artist residency at Paratissima, Turin, Italy.

2022 RABBIA, 21ª edition Artfarm Pilastro - Pilastro di Bonavigo (VR), Italy.

2022 1ª edition Biennale di Todi - Todi (PG), Italy.

2021 Avant - Young 2021 - Volvo studio, Milano, Italy.

2020 Ti conosco, maschera! - Galleria Lorenzelli Arte, Milan, Italy.

2018 Arte e  omosessualità, Premio Catel at Museo Mastroianni, Rome, Italy.

Tao Han, ENCLAVE / 非地 2023

The works on display are for sale.

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