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Yoko Okuyama | Ph Credits Lisangela Perigozzo
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Yoko Okuyama was born in Tokyo, Japan. After graduating in Architecture from the prestigious Faculty of Engineering of Hokkaido University, she began her career in Kenzo Tange's studio, collaborating on the creation of important works, including the Tokyo Cathedral and the Sacred Heart University in Tokyo. In 1975 she founded the Soseisha Architecture and Design Studio and from 1996 to 1998 she was a member of the National Board of the Order of Architects of Japan. Yoko Okuyama is the author of specialist architecture publications and has been a teacher of Interior Design at the Tokyo Academy for over fifteen years.

Fascinated by the world of art, she began creating her own works with traditional Japanese washi paper, exhibiting both in Italy and abroad starting in 2000, the year in which she moved to Verona.​

Her works are characterized by an extremely refined language in which the composition is entrusted to the direct action of water which, left to flow on the paper, traces lines and free shapes attributable to natural or imaginary elements. Her art tends to resemble time passing, water leaves its mark like time, in a process in which the artist rarely intervenes to shape its course.


2006 Galleria Meridiana, Verona, Italy.

2007 Galleria Azari, Milano, Italy.

2008 L’Officina, Perugia, Italy.                                      

2009 Munci’s Operart, Verona, Italy.

2010 Art Hotel Pisani, Venezia, Italy.                            

2012 Belle Arti, Verona, Italy.

2012 Museo Orientale di Venezia, Italy.

2013 Galleria Spazio 6, Verona, Italy.

2014 Galleria Spazio 6, Verona, Italy.

2015 Ginza Galleria, Tokyo, Giappone.                                  

2018 AD Galleria, Milano, Italy.



2006 Gran Guardia, Verona, Italy.                                 

2006  Art Museum of San Diego, USA.

2007  Aks Gallery, New York, USA.

2013  Sfilata Gran Guardia, Verona, Italia.                   

2013  Gallery Factory, Londra, UK.

2013  Sfilata Castelvecchio, Verona, Italia                                       

2014 ArtVerona, Verona, Italia.

Yoko Okuyama, KŪ / 空 2023
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