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Elio Grazioli is a contemporary art and photography critic. He teaches History of Contemporary Art at the University of Bergamo. He directed Fotografia Europea for about ten years. He directs the Riga series with Marco Belpoliti for the publisher Quodlibet, in which he has edited several volumes, the most recent: Andy Warhol (2012), Maurizio Cattelan (2019), Max Ernst (2021). He is a member of the scientific and editorial committee of the online magazine Elephant and Castle of the University of Bergamo. He collaborates for the Doppiozero site. Among his publications: Dust in contemporary art (2004), Duchamp beyond photography (2017), Infrasottile. Contemporary art at the limits (2018), Luca Maria Patella revealed (2020), Art and telepathy (2020) and Album. Contemporary art through superpositions (2022).

Elio Grazioli | Ph Credits Greta Coati

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