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LuogoArteContemporanea presents INTRECCI / 编织, a solo exhibition by the Chinese artist Zehui Xu, whose works reveal a profound reflection on the complexity of human existence and the bonds we establish with the surrounding world.

Through painting, the artist goes beyond the exploration of abstract concepts, making the fragments of her experience tangible. The works on display offer an intimate insight into her interior space, while inviting us to consider more attentively our relationships with the physical and emotional environment in which we live.

Contemplating a vast network of memories that envelop each other nostalgically, Xu conceives the world as an intricate fabric where every element is interconnected, and notes how relationships and life experiences constitute the fundamental weave of our existence, shaping our identity and our to be. Zehui Xu's ability to express this complexity through her work demonstrates a profound artistic sensitivity and acute awareness of human dynamics.​

In the weave and weft everything seems magically connected through a thick invisible web of threads and associations, even we as people are not very far from this concept and the connections we create between the objects and living beings with which we have a relationship is a fundamental aspect of our life.

In our case, weaving is a word that can take on a very broad, abstract meaning. By managing to combine different elements we create a familiar fabric in our memories that helps us return to the comforting place that created us.

Where is this place? Where we want.

~ Zehui Xu, 2023

Zehui Xu's work constitutes a profound reflection on the concept of belonging which is visually translated into scenarios on the border between reality and imagination, offering a personal look at the complexity of human experience and the multiple connections that bind individuals to the surrounding context, inviting us to think of "home" as a spiritual refuge and starting point for an internal journey towards authenticity and self-awareness.

Unable to return to China due to the pandemic, the artist questions the meaning of "home", going beyond its tangible manifestation (house) and transforming it into a symbolic representation. This consideration allows her to transcend the simple materiality of the house as a physical space and to project it into the private sphere of her experience, pictorially restoring it in the form of domestic environments of delicate intimacy.

Xu's works evoke places suspended between sleep and waking, where dreams and memories converge in evocative scenes populated by evanescent figures, allusions to reminiscences of the past and visions of the future. These pictorial environments, permeated with a sense of familiarity and confidentiality, are equipped with objects that preserve her most hidden thoughts, treasure chests of precious and intimate memories.

In a context of abstraction in which the home takes on emotional connotations, the search for connections with everyday objects and spaces underlines their relevance in the exploration of individual identity. From the depiction of varied furnishings to the contemplation of curtains as boundary between the internal and external dimensions, the artist takes us on a journey through the stratifications of her psyche and personality, inviting us to reflect on the importance of memories, thoughts, emotions and experiences in the definition of our consciousness.

The presence in some works of elements that refer to the art of weaving (The sewing machine, The weaver), as well as constituting a reference to the artist's childhood, figuratively expresses her original way of understanding life as an intricate textile fabric where every element is interconnected, like threads, noting how relationships and experiences constitute the fundamental warp and weft of everyone's existence.

Painting thus becomes a metaphorical language that allows Zehui Xu to give shape to her personal suggestions, highlighting how every aspect of life is intertwined in an invisible web of relationships and meanings.

~ Lisangela Perigozzo, 2023



Zehui Xu's solo exhibition

Critical text by Lisangela Perigozzo

06.04 - 04.05.2024


Saturday 6 April, 5 pm

The exhibition is visible at LuogoArteContemporanea by appointment.

Free entry.

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